Pillars of Creation

How Faith, Science and Reason Bring Meaning to Our Universe

This book, gives brief explanations to cosmic mysteries, referring to them as the fundamental base for getting at the real mysteries in cosmology. By researching the best minds from philosophy, science, and theology, Scott takes us to the next step.

  • How was the universe created? Or are we in a multiverse?
  • What or Who brought us from the beginning to now? Entropy ‐ Divine intervention – Determinism
  • How will it all end for us? for Earth? for the sun? for our universe?
  • Did humans evolve? Who was Adam? Intelligent Design or is it intelligent design?
  • Is time an illusion? What is the nature of time?
  • Can the past, present, and future exist simultaneously?
  • Can we travel to the past? the future?
  • Not, are we alone; but rather, Contact‐ Now What?
  • Space travel: Real or fantasy
  • What is this new holistic model, the new world view?
  • How does it differ from three millenniums of historical models that proceeded it?


Faith and Science Reveal Universal Truth

How and when did space and time begin? Is space infinite and time eternal? How do we, the human race intelligently designed or not fit into the cosmos? Do we have neighbors somewhere in our vast universe? How will it all end or will our universe go on forever? What role has God played in the cosmos and our being; and does he continue to play a role today? Are we the result of an anthropic theistic design or are we here as the result of quantum effects and natural laws that are ubiquitous across fourteen billion years of cosmological evolution?

Religion and science have long been at odds in explaining origins, creation and evolution yet faith and observation can be most complimentary and synergistic. The anthropic principles and deistic/theistic/pantheistic views give evidence to the harmony that can be that of faith and science. This book is a presentation of religious beliefs, dogma and principles as well as the scientific laws and theories that govern the universe. It’s my hope that after reading this book and when posed with the question:

“Are you a person of faith or a person of science?”

Your answer can be,

The Author

Photo of Scott FlaigScott Flaig is a retired industry operations senior executive who served Dell Computer, Iomega Corporation, and Xerox. He was also a partner at the firm of Ernst & Young. After retirement, Scott joined Northwestern University’s faculty as an adjunct professor at the Kellogg School of Management, where he taught a course on the Virtual Enterprise [his new paradigm for operations excellence]. Scott graduated with a BS in Mathematics from the University of Dubuque. He has his certification in operations strategy from Harvard's Business School's Executive summer program. Scott has been married for 51 years to Sandy and they have three children and six grandchildren, all who live in New England.


Over the past 12 years, Scott has again focused on his passion for cosmology, and how cosmology is fundamental to understanding the mysteries of creation, life, and our place in the universe. His first book, Cosmology: Faith and Science Reveal Universal Truth was published in 2013. Scott has served as a lecturer, FGCU faculty Instructor and writer. He has lectured across the spectrum of astronomy societies, churches, community organizations, and the past two years at the Chautauqua Institute. His commitment as a Christian and his academic theological curriculum at the University of Dubuque (a Presbyterian affiliation) has kept him grounded in what's important in life. He also understands the contribution that religion has made to the subject of cosmology and its mysteries. Science and faith together, along with the invaluable insights taken from philosophy, gives this book a unique place in the library of cosmology and understanding‐or what Scott calls, "holistic cosmology."

Reviews: Pillars of Creation

"Scott Flaig explores the tenants of current science and traditional religion on the origin question with an eye on convergence. His chapter on time is particular good reading."

From Ted Wolfe, professional astrophotographer


"Scott's book seeks answers to humanity's grandest and most existential questions in order to provide a Holistic Model of the universe in consultation with the disciplines of philosophy, theology and science ‐ a truly remarkable task and fascinating book." From Dr. Doug Pratt, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, Florida.

From Brad Rogers, Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, Florida


"Scott takes us on a fascinating and enlightening journey of discovery through the greatest questions that have fascinated and puzzled mankind. This book has taught me, challenged some of my assumptions, reaffirmed some of my convictions and helped me to see things in fresh ways. It is invigorating to join with others like Scott Flaig in search of truth about the wonders of creation and our place in it."

From Dr. Doug Pratt, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs. Florida

Reviews: Cosmology

“Scott Flaig presents a book that is well-researched and carefully thought out, which presents a historical as well contemporary perspective of both the smallness and vastness of our Universe.”

— Carol Holmberg, planetarium astronomer,
     Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium


“The ancient Book of Psalms said ‘The heavens declare the glory of God.’ For thousands of years thoughtful people have wondered and pondered the relationship of the natural universe and its mysteries to the possibility of a Creator. Scott Flaig provides a great service to all who wonder about these profound issues. His careful and thorough research into the latest evidence, along with his clear logic and personal insights, will help both committed Christians and seekers to grow in their understanding.”


— Dr. Doug Pratt, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church


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